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Nails I Retail

My hand and foot services utilize specific tools and implements. I also practice enhanced disinfection measures by sterilizing my implements using a medical steam autoclave. Steam sterilization ensures complete inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

Come experience my signature soak-less manicures and pedicures and let me help you along your natural nail journey. Because your health is your wealth. 

Experienced in working with clients with diabetes, psoriasis, painful feet and toes caused by ingrown nails, cracked or callused heels, those who’ve lost a nail due to trauma, or simply those who want to start their new natural nail care journey using a more intentional and healthier approach.

No Outside Food and Drinks

For cleanliness, avoid bringing outside food or drinks into the studio. Complimentary coffee, tea, and water are provided during your appointment.

Cell Phone

To ensure a tranquil atmosphere, please switch your cell phone to silent mode and refrain from phone conversations during the appointment. Video playback is permitted with low volume. Persistent disruptions may lead to pauses or termination of the treatment.



Small Groups: The studio is currently not set up for small groups, accommodating only one client per reservation to ensure a personalized, clean, and relaxing experience. 

Animals: Animals are not permitted for the safety and comfort of all clients. 

Children: Due to limited space and specialized equipment, children cannot be accommodated. 

Young Guest: However, guests aged 16 and older are welcome with a parent or guardian present for the service. Parents or guardians are responsible for any damages caused by the young guest.

Social Media, Media Ownership & Publication Rights

JCN owns and can publish before and after media taken in the studio and during treatments for promotional purposes.

I will ask for your consent before documenting your service.

Personal Belongings

JCN is not liable for lost or stolen items left in the studio. 

If an item is forgotten, attempts will be made to contact you within one business day.

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