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Welcome to jessicurednails!

jessicurednails is not your traditional nail salon, jessicurednails is a specialized private nail studio located in Berkeley, California.

jessicurednails is focused and passionate about natural nails, nail health and length retention, and overall nail care and education.


Dry, Soak-less Manicures/Pedicures, Gel Polish and Structured Gel Manicures, IBX Nail Strengthening Repair Treatments, Involuted and Ingrown Toenail Rechanneling and Toenail Reconstruction.

jessicurednails specializes in soak-less manicures and pedicures also known as dry manicures/pedicures meaning the hands and feet are NOT soaked in water to perform the treatment service. 

jessicurednails offers personalized and tailored treatment services while taking extra care to address and work around your individual nail and health needs, conditions, and goals.

jessicurednails is experienced in working with clients with diabetes, psoriasis, painful feet and toes caused by ingrown nails, cracked or callused heels, those who’ve lost a nail due to trauma, or simply those who want to start their new natural nail care journey using a more intentional and healthier approach.

Come experience jessicurednails' signature soak-less manicures and pedicures which were designed to provide a more hygienic approach while reducing the risk and spread of fungal and skin conditions. By providing a soak-less treatment service, the nails are kept dry and moisture-free therefore preventing excessive cutting, over-trimming, and over-exfoliation of the natural nail and the skin.

At jessicurednails, I strive to provide you with the best care not just during the treatment service but also before and after the service. Therefore, I take advanced education and certification programs so I can provide competent and tailored services to all my clients including clients with special health, skin, and nail conditions. Additionally, at jessicurednails, I have implemented a high level of cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection by also sterilizing implements using a medical autoclave. This means that all bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores are inactivated by using an autoclave that uses steam to sterilize implements.


Jumpstart your natural nail journey and book your next nail treatment service at jessicurednails today. Because your health is your wealth. 


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