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is focused and passionate about natural nails and length retention, nail care, and education.

I love working with clients who want to start their new natural nail care journey using a more intentional and healthier approach.


Dry manicures & pedicures*

*means the hands and feet are not soaked in water during treatment

Gel polish & structured gel manicures

IBX nail strengthening repair treatments

Involuted, ingrown toenail rechanneling

Toenail reconstruction

Why dry nail treatments are better

Minimizes moisture exposure

Minimizes excessive cutting, and over-exfoliation of nails and surrounding skin

Prevents skin dehydration

Promotes hygiene

Safer by reducing the risk of fungal and skin conditions

Specializing in this technique has allowed me to work with clients with various foot and nail concerns, including diabetes, psoriasis, ingrown nails, cracked heels, and loss of nails due to trauma. 

Experience my soak-less manicures and pedicures and let me help you along your natural nail journey!

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